Emporium Gallery - Egle

Egle Gelaziute-Petrauskiene


Egle works as a graphic artist and illustrator creating pictures wil lino cuts and monotype printmaking. With just a few marks she 'captures the moment' creating wonderful characters and narrative.

Her inspiration comes from her friends and their stories, her children, journeys, old histories, ancient books, fairy tales and celebrations, new high scraping cities, slow rivers and love.


Emporium Gallery - Naomi

Naomi Greaves


Naomi produces unique prints, jewellery and paper sculptures, all of which are inspired by natural history, museum collections, Victorian book engravings and woodcuts. 

She combines images sourced from her book collection and antique papers, together with her passion for print to produce work that embraces her inspirations.


Emporium Gallery - Tracey Hayward

Tracey Hayward BA

Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire

Tracey is predominantly a printmaker, her distinct, crisp style is mostly achieved by subtracting from a primary etched image and then often finishing with gold leaf. Her practice also includes mezzotint engraving; prints  characterised by rich velvety tones which reveal themselves through burnishing a ‘rocked’ plate.

She explores ways of translating character and politics into a simple visual language of colour, tone and balance in order to stimulate the creation of story. 


Emporium Gallery

Louise Jannetta

Buxton, Derbyshire

Louise is a versatile and innovative artist who has brought upholsterers skills and love of texture to her art.

Using the intaglio method of printing she creates intricate, forest patterned pictures which illustrate her delight and fascination with exploiting the properties of a variety of mediums and materials such as textiles, paper, string and thread. Louise’s work is exhibited in galleries throughout the region.


Emporium Gallery - Imogen Kilfoyle

Imogen Kilfoyle MA

Lichfield, Staffordshire

Working in a variety of mediums including print, watercolour and ink, Imogen creates realistic and abstracted artwork based on natural forms, flowers and landscape, focusing on texture and intricate detail. 

She takes inspiration from the colours, contrasts and the juxtapositions of patterns and structures in elements of the landscape environment.


Jenni Stone BA

Lichfield, Staffordshire

Trained as a surface pattern designer Jenni specialises in printmaking techniques, which include etching, collagraph, mono and screen printing.

She is inspired by nature, textures, Japanese block prints and natural surroundings and has been developing her own style of work, exploring printmaking techniques with different materials and media to create unique images.


Frans Wesselman RSPP WGDC


Frans, originally from the Netherlands produces paintings, etchings and stained glass pieces that contain a quirky narrative inviting the viewer to create a story.

His work is based on the close observation of the natural world and illustrates his interest in people and their relationship to  one another and the world around them.