Lynn Cooke Corrugated Ammonite Necklace

Lyn Cooke


Lyn finds inspiration in the patterns and textures in the natural world, from trees, plants and seed pods to rust, rocks and fossils. She experiments with the surface of silver, treating the precious metal like paper, folding, piercing and hammering it into organic shapes. Lyn's delicate and unique jewellery challenges the traditional notion of “precious” and is the antithesis of “bling”.


Kerrie Chamberlain Jewellery

Stephanie Hopkins

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Inspired by the natural world Stephanie is particularly influenced by eroding and decayed forms and surfaces. She incorporates the colours and textures of these into her work using etching, patination and reticulation to create beautiful copper bowls and jewellery.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Lynn Kendall

Lynn Kendall

Tutbury, Staffordshire

Lynn is an experienced jewellery maker of 20 years specialising in silver gold and copper. Her work is inspired and led by found objects, whether they are natural or man-made. 

Her work is also influenced by the large and unusual gem stones that are collected on her travels, in turn making her work extremely unique.

Lynn exhibits in galleries throughout the region.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Ali Perry

Ali Perry

Birmingham, West Midlands

Ali designs and creates bold unique jewellery using hall marked silver with handmade lamp work glass beads and natural gemstones.

Her inspiration for each piece begins with mixing complimentary gemstones and her handmade glass beads, Ali's passion for colour and her precise silver work ensures her one of a kind creations are always special.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Deborah Jayne Rowe

Deborah Jayne Rowe

Lichfield, Staffordshire

Deborah Jayne is passionate about rescuing and transforming old, unloved jewellery to create elegant, contemporary pieces for the modern woman.

Each vintage piece is carefully sourced, cleaned and re-imagined into a unique, exciting new design.