Jackie Kennedy Onassis Old Estate On Sale

A huge piece of Kennedy’s story at the western end of Martha’s Vineyard on the coast of Massachusetts was sold for $ 65 million. This hidden property was the summer house of the former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis. In 1979, he paid only a Million dollars for this property, with its private beach and views of the Atlantic ocean.

Forty years later, her daughter Caroline Kennedy decided to sell this incredible property. she said it was time for her family to express their wings, follow her mother’s example and explore new places.

Jackie was 50 when she was looking for a hidden resort when she bought this Farm. At that time, the only building on the property was a small hunting lodge.

He has hired the famous architect, Hugh Newell Jacobson, to design the main house and a two-story pension. He also called his girlfriend, a well-known gardener, and landscape gardener, Rachel Bunny Mellon, to take care of the landscape architecture.

After Jackie died in 1994, Carolina inherited Kennedy’s property and continued to use it as a family home. In 2000, he carried out an extensive and costly renovation of the entire space. The main house was extended by another 600 square meters, while the interior was extended by five bedrooms with private bathrooms, a first-class kitchen and two offices or an art room.

In a large property, a two-story structure was renewed, which included four bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a laundry. This property houses a homeowner with three bedrooms, a pool, a boathouse, a tennis court, two garages, a temperature-controlled shop and the original hunting lodge that existed when Jackie bought this property.

The price of $65 million, is far above the original price. If the land is sold at this price, it will set a new record on the island. For more extravagant properties on auction or for sale, always keep on checking Emporium Gallery!

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Jackie Kennedy Onassis Old Estate On Sale

A huge piece of Kennedy's story at the western end of Martha's Vineyard on the coast of Massachusetts was sold for $ 65...

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