Emporium - Jennifer Colquitt

Alex Allday MA

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Alex is a Ceramic and Surface Pattern Designer inspired by the fusion of traditional patterns and styles. Combining a variety of techniques and processes including etch, relief, glazes and screen-printing techniques she creates a diverse range of designs with interesting qualities and textures. Her distinctive decorative wares are produced in a range of high quality ceramic bodies with an emphasis on intricate detailing and composition.


Emporium - Jennifer Colquitt

Jennifer Colquitt

Dudley, West Midlands

Jennifer uses porcelain to make finely decorated and textured panels and dishes coloured with oxides and lustres.  The themes of trees, leaves and flowers, derived from either direct observation or discovered in medieval manuscripts, are used graphically in a simple and direct way.

Regular visits to France give Jennifer the opportunity to study patterns in decorative carvings found in Romanesque churches, which she uses to great effect in her panel borders.

Emporium - Jo Connell

Jo Connell

Nuneaton, Warkwickshire

Jo's work echoes and interprets elements of landscape, rock strata and plant structure, using a language of expression acquired through over 40 years of practice.

She enjoys the experimental use of coloured clays manipulated by twisting, laminating and distressing to produce surfaces of an intriguingly tactile nature, sometimes stretched and stressed, imitating the geological forces that affect the earth’s crust.


Emporium - Barry Dixon

Barry Dixon

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Barry's stylised sculptural pieces attempt to capture the feel or essence of a particular pose rather than producing an accurate representation of the human form. Barry feels it is essential to have an understanding of human anatomy, and he frequently draws and sculpts anatomical sketch models from life.

Barry previously worked in the ceramic industry as a model maker and sculptor for over 25 years.


Emporium - Olinda Everett

Olinda Everett

Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Olinda builds her ceramic pieces by hand using stoneware clay, sometimes porcelain. The surface treatment is her area of experimentation and expression, enjoying the rhythm and flow of pattern inspired by imagery and pre-literate cultures and our shared humanity from ancient times reaching to the future. She strives to master new techniques and to express her Portuguese roots and her own life experience within her work.



Paul Gooderham

Gailey, Staffordshire

Paul's influences are rich and varied working in stoneware and porcelain he creates a wide variety of pots and sculptures including coastal fishing boats and camper vans. He uses dolomite and ash glazes to reflect the colours and textures of English landscapes.

Paul first opened a pottery studio four decades ago in Birmingham and continues to exhibit countrywide.


Emporium Gallery Lichfield - Monica Grohmann

Monica Grohmann

Market Drayton, Shropshire

Originally from Brazil, Monica moved to England in 1998 to train as a ceramicist. She uses a Raku firing technique to create her unique dishes and tiles with lustrous patinated surfaces.

The forms are glazed and fired rapidly to 1000°c and removed whilst still red hot to be plunged into a covered container filled with combustible materials to create a soft, smoky and crackled finish.


Andrew Matheson ARBSA MPA

Lichfield, Staffordshire

Andrew is an award winning artist specialising in stoneware and porcelain reduction pieces, using locally sourced materials and experimental techniques.

The wheel forms the basis of Andrew's work, skills learnt through repetition throwing and the discipline required help to inform and develop the individual pieces.

He exhibits across the UK.


Lesley Nason

Eggington, Derbyshire

Using porcelain clay Lesley creates contemporary wall art, vessels and jewellery inspired by the coast, countryside, flora and fauna. She combines the use of engraved surface texture, oxides, resist and crackle glazes to depict and capture the beauty of the rolling hills, forests and farmland of the British landscape. She exhibits countrywide.


Huw Phillips

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Inspired by the form and patterns of coastal rocks and stones eroded and worn by the weather and the power of the sea, Huw uses white earthstone clay which has a very soft and pliable nature to create unique hand thrown vessels. He uses terra sigillata slip to create a smooth but cracked surface and during a raku firing lines are scribed through the glaze to create extra curves to enhance the form. 


June Ridgeway


June is inspired by the patina of age on materials subjected to the weather, particularly  rusted metal, stone, brickwork  and wood. She uses extremely fine stoneware clay, carefully  burnishing  the vessels before the initial firing to create the soft tactile surface sheen. The pots are then put into a saggar with copper wire, oxides, salt and wood shavings and  fired again  to create unique markings and  blushes of colour.  Finally an application of beeswax enhances and seals the surface.

Emporium Gallery - Petra Rohr-Rouendaal

Petra Rðhr-Rouendaal RBSA MPA

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Originally an Illustrator from Germany Petra's work has been influenced by her years in Botswana and Africa drawing inspiration from the colours, the spirit and the way of life, her interest in people, particularly women, is reflected in her figurative work.

Petra also opened an art school in Garabone and ran a silk-printing workshop for village women to offer them the skills to make products to sell.


Jasmine Simpson BA

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Jasmine creates contemporary sculptures inspired by traditional Staffordshire ceramic figures having developed an interest in the rich heritage of her home town.

With techniques such as sgraffito and carving into layered coloured slip she encapsulates the essence of animals into her pieces. These are cast in earthenware clay slip in order to obtain several copies which are hand painted with coloured glazes and gold lustre in Jasmine's unique style.


Emporium Gallery - Lisa Slinn

Lisa Slinn

Lichfield, Staffordshire

Lisa is a designer with a passion for illustration and ceramics. In combining the two she has created a collection of work that shows her idiosyncratic illustrative style and her love of 19th Century ceramics. Her highly decorative pieces playfully fuse images found on traditional English tableware with contemporary ceramic design.


Gerry Unsworth


Gerry works with clay, fire and glaze to create unique functional and sculptural works. She delights in exploring new possibilities this combination offers and each piece is the result of a constant enquiry into the materials and processes. 

Gerry uses precious metals, oil of lavender and many firings to achieve the refractive finish on her lusterware whilst her stoneware pieces use a plethora of glazing techniques. She has work in public and private collections throughout the country.


Emporium Gallery - Vanda

Vanda Zawadzka

Lichfield, Staffordshire

Vanda has always had a passion for ceramics and has recently developed an interest in the sculptural aspects of pottery. Her inspiration comes from family holidays by the seaside observing the natural forms such as shells and  a variety of coastal birds.